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Operations Supervisor

Amarillo, Texas, États-Unis ● Loomis Armored Amarillo, TX, 1610 W 2nd Ave, Amarillo, Texas, États-Unis d’Amérique Numéro de demande 1327
6 avril 2022

Operations Supervisor: Salaried Exempt

Salary Range: $44,000 - $46,000, Dependent on Experience

The Operations Supervisor
will be responsible for implementing and administering Loomis policies and
procedures as well as monitoring and controlling daily operations and assisting with long-term operation of armored car routes and the cash vault.  The Operations Supervisor will work alongside management to develop, maintain, and supervise a professional employee-centered culture, a safe and secure operation, a high level of service delivery, and cost effective and productive operations. This includes operational responsibility for all route operations (armored and ATM), vault and facility security operations as directed by the Operations Manager/Branch Manager.



 Typical Duties / Responsibilities:

  1. Complete and maintaining scheduling/routing on daily basis
  2. Oversight and coordination of armored and ATM route, dispatch, first-line ATM
    maintenance, vault and terminal operations.
  3. Maintaining effectiveness and efficiency of route, terminal and vault operations.
  4. Safety of employees, vehicles, and facilities through training, monitoring and
    enforcement of policies and procedures
  5. Security of cargo and terminal through training, monitoring, and enforcement of policies
    and procedures including terminal opening and closing.
  6. Investigating accidents and processing required paperwork
  7. Developing and maintaining customer service capabilities among all operations staff.
  8. Responding to customer inquires and or complaints and solving logistical issues.
  9. Coordinating with sales, other Division branches and departments, Division and corporate
    staff, other carriers, and vendors in creating and implementing viable
    operational solutions to new customers.
  10. Controlling overtime hours.  Monitoring employee vacation schedules.  Maintaining effectiveness and efficiency of operational functions.
  11. Communication with all employees to Immediately resolve any outstanding issues and/or
  12. Completion of any and all additional responsibilities that are assigned by the Operations
    Manager and/or other Management Team Members on an “as needed” basis.
  13. Provide leadership that is dedicated to professionalism, continuous improvement, and
    exceeding challenging goals and objectives.
  14. Interviewing, testing, selecting, training and supervising of operations personnel.
  15. Oversight and coordination of maintenance of vehicles, forklifts and other equipment.
  16. Emergency response to include response to employee injuries, facility security incidents,
    vehicle incidents and security investigations.
  17. Manipulation and maintenance of route and vault data to include manual paperwork and
    electronic data.

       18.  All other duties as assigned by the Operations Manager/Branch Manager.


Skills and Qualifications:

  1. A valid firearm permit.
  2. A strong, positive, leadership and supervisory presence proven through professional experience is required.
  3. Excellent verbal and written communication skills and the ability to teach, coach, and present to small and large groups is required.
  4. Experience in transportation and warehousing, transportation logistics, or a related field required.
  5. Experience in banking or retail cash, and ATM operations preferred.
  6. Excellent computer skills and a working knowledge of Microsoft Office programs required.
  7. Strong desire to succeed, advance, grow your career, and work for an industry and company-leading branch is required.

Autres détails

  • Famille d'emplois Exempt
  • Fonction professionnelle Operations
  • Type de paie Salaire
  • Taux min. à l'embauche 44 000,00 $
  • Taux max. à l'embauche 46 000,00 $
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  • Amarillo, Texas, États-Unis
  • Loomis Armored Amarillo, TX, 1610 W 2nd Ave, Amarillo, Texas, États-Unis d’Amérique