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  • CLA, 20245 Sunburst St, Chatsworth, CA, USA ● Req #1432
    Friday, July 9, 2021
    Position Description : Coordinate all aspects of ongoing customer orders including receipt, acknowledgement, timing and communication.  Ensure materials are available to support customer due dates, and work with internal teams to deliver on time.  Manage simple changes to existing SKUs and the obsolescence process.  Utilize standard tools such as order acceptance criteria and open order reports to create shared expectations with customers. This position will be responsible for managing 100% of t ... More
  • CLA, 20245 Sunburst St, Chatsworth, CA, USA ● Req #1325
    Monday, May 10, 2021
    Job Summary: Assist shift mechanics with production line setups, identify and document line maintenance issues. Setup filling equipment based on setup instructions and follow production priorities.  Essential Job Functions:Follow setup instructions, performs, and provides directions to dismantle and assemble filling equipment. Maintain and perform adjustments on labelers, tape machines, glue machines, coders, and filling equipment.  Assist and train journeyman mechanics on trouble shooting produ ... More
  • CLA, 20245 Sunburst St, Chatsworth, CA, USA ● Req #1322
    Wednesday, April 14, 2021
    Job Title: Compounder II                                         Dept.: CompoundingShift: Third Shift                                                                     DESCRIPTION The Compounder II will ensure quality and quantity of products by operating machines that blend chemicals to specified standards as per instructions on the batch sheet.  Make adjustments to batch as directed by QC Lab, and perform transactions on ERP System ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS Assemble raw materials associated f ... More