Account Manager (Permits)

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Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Job Summary

The Account Specialist III (Permits) is responsible for supporting all customer needs by supporting day-to-day client needs through inbound calls, outbound calls, emails or other communication channels. Client loyalty is the primary focus and measure of success. Creating an easy, reliable customer experience that is mindful of the client needs is the driving force behind our Account Specialist III creation of loyalty. Client loyalty will also be achieved through anticipating customer needs, responding quickly to requests, inquiries, and issues as well as creating value through facilitating the best possible use of FLEETCOR products and Services. This role is the client advocate for other departments creating a single point of contact for complex issues and needs that require other department support. The Account Specialist III creates value by recommending best practices and uses of FLEETCOR Products and Services including cross-sell lead and product offers.

To be effective in this role, the Account Specialist III must have a broad and deep understanding of all FLEETCOR products and services and be able to articulate how these are best used within the customers operating environment. The Account Specialist III will have full service ownership of all FLEETCOR customers in a shared servicing team environment. All non-sales decisions with regard to the daily operational structure of the customer is the responsibility of the Account Specialist III. All ancillary departments will defer to the Account Specialist III or collaborate with them when resolving complex problems and decisions that affect their account.


The Account Specialist III will create and maintain client loyalty with client contacts that are at times diverse in terms of needs, professional skill, caller role, and experience. This position will be considered an expert in handling FLEETCOR specific products, systems and processes.

·Proactively address and solve customer issues and inquiries with one-person, one-call resolution. Tenacity is required to solve issues and or answer inquiries creating a simple customer experience enabling client loyalty. Full ownership and accountability is required to create a one-person, one-contact resolution.

·Proactively contact clients at risk of service disruptions and quickly solve client needs before service disruption when possible. Proactive calls include both planned and disruptive events all designed to enable simple and easy client experience enabling client loyalty.

·Responsible for activation of FLEETCOR products and services by being a trusted advisor. The Account Specialist III is responsible for recommending and at times convincing customers to follow best practices that will promote the best possible usage of FLEETCOR products and services. Additionally, the Account Specialist III will be working closely with customers to overcome barriers that prevent a quick implementation of FLEETCOR products and services.

·Customer training by phone or web is required to help customers to quickly implement FLEETCOR products and services or educate new client users of FLEETCOR products and services.

·Proactively research and resolve credit inquiries and problems resulting from invoicing, cash application, credit reconciliation, moving lines of credit, credit increases, write-offs and other customer issues related to credit.

·As needed, tune the account set-up and general product usage to enable best possible client value from FLEETCOR Products and Services.

·Act as single point of contact for FLEETCOR by representing all departments (Credit, RCS, Card Management ITS, etc.)

·Research and report patterns and trends that may affect customers include system outages or technical issues.

·Collaborate with sales teams to identity account growth opportunities for additional FLEETCOR products or services.

Reasonable accommodations will be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions of the job.


·High school diploma or GED is required; some college is strongly desired.

·Basic computer skills with ability to type 30 words per minute.


·Customer Driven - Customer Service is a competitive differentiator; as a result, this role must demonstrate exceptional Customer Care skills and provide exceptional customer service.

·An effective Account Specialist III must have deep understanding of all FLEETCOR products and services, and be able to articulate how these are best used within the customers operating environment.

·Delivery genuine empathy when appropriate demonstrating concern and care for clients.

·Be able to quickly discover unexpressed internal and external customer needs and potential solutions to support those needs.

·Be able to independently anticipate and proactively address internal and external customer needs.

·Prioritize and align activities around the needs of the customer.

·Be able to take internal and external customer feedback and experience to continuously improve individual performance and service delivery.

·Contain a solid understanding of the FLEETCOR business and Fleet industry knowledge so that a clear understanding of customer needs can be achieved.

·Deliver understanding and knowledge that delivers the trusted advisor role.

·Resilience - Resilience is needed to handle difficult situations.

·Relationship Building - Relationship building and rapport is needed to create and maintain effective relationships with internal customers and clients.

·Technical skill and Job knowledge - Technical skill and job knowledge is highly important to being able to provide prompt and efficient service and support.

·Able to demonstrate mastery of FLEETCOR systems, data, reporting, and processes.

·Able to learn quickly and use resources.

·Attention to detail – Able to take action to prevent mistakes, follow procedures closely, and keep records accurate and up to date.

·Communication - Strong oral and written communication skills are required

·Able to practice active and attentive listening skills, demonstrate proficient grammar, and deliver clear concise professional communication.

·Problem Solving Skills - Strong problem solving skills are required including demonstrated skill seeking root cause though exceptional listening skills and corresponding questioning.

·Adaptability - Adaptability and change management skills are required.

·At times juggling multiple account management projects and activities while maintaining sharp attention to detail.

·Decision Making/Judgment – Solid decision making and sound judgment is required.

·Able to systematically gather information, seeks input from others, addresses root cause of issues, makes timely decisions.

·Dependability – Strong dependability is required.

·Understands the critical nature of their contribution to the team and is flexible with scheduling to ensure coverage when other team-member(s) are out.

·Teamwork – Consistently demonstrating teamwork is required.

·Contributes to team projects, exchanges ideas and opinions, helps prevent and resolve conflict, works with other departments effectively, and develops positive working relationships.

·Directly contributes to a positive work environment by seeking solutions to challenges and avoiding unproductive distractions.

·Follows instructions, responds well to direction, and takes responsibility for own actions, and meets or exceeds departmental policies.

·Negotiating - Working knowledge of negotiating skills is required.

·Deliver Results – Demonstrate work standards, sense of urgency about results, do everything possible to meet customer needs and deadlines, persist in the face of repeated challenges and accept personal responsibility for delivering a customer experience that drives customer loyalty.

The above statements describe the general nature and level of work only. They are not an exhaustive list of all required responsibilities, duties, and skills. Other duties may be added, or this description amended at any time.


About the Company:

FLEETCOR Technologies, Inc. (“FLEETCOR”) is a leading global provider of business payment solutions. We help companies of all sizes control, simplify and secure payment of various domestic and cross-border payables using specialized payment products. We serve businesses, partners, merchants, consumers and payment networks in North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

  • $2.4B Annual Revenue
  • 600,000 Directly Served Business Clients
  • 2.6B+ Transactions per Year
  • 8,400+ Employees

(as of December 31, 2020)

Our payment solutions provide our customers with a payment method designed to be superior to and more robust and effective than what they use currently, whether they use a competitor’s product or another alternative method such as cash or check. We group our payment solutions into five primary categories: Fuel, Lodging, Tolls, Corporate Payments and Gift. Each category is unique in its focus, customer base and target markets, but they also share a number of characteristics:  customers are primarily businesses, have recurring revenue models, have specialized networks which create barriers to entry, have high margins, and have similar selling systems.

FLEETCOR enjoys global recognition including:

  • Forbes Global Growth Champion – FLEETCOR is one of the 250 fastest growing companies in the world as determined by Forbes and Statista 
  • Forbes World’s Most Innovative Companies – FLEETCOR has made this prestigious list of leading innovative companies 4 years in a row!
  • Fortune 1000 Company – FLEETCOR was one of the largest movers in the new rankings of the largest companies in America, ranking  #872
  • S&P 500 – In 2018, FLEETCOR joined the S&P stock index comprised of the 500 leading US stocks based on market cap (company value)

Our Vision

Despite many advances in our industry, the majority of business payments are still made with outdated and inferior payment methods, such as checks and cash. We envision a business world where every purchase is controlled, every payment is digital, and every payment-related decision is well-informed. In this future paperless state, payments will require little to no time to manage, leaving companies with more time for what matters most: activities that grow their businesses.

Our Mission

FLEETCOR’s mission is to provide businesses with a better way to pay, by replacing outdated payment methods such as checks and cash, and displacing the incumbent providers of those methods. Through the digitalization of payments, we create and support robust ecosystems which benefit all participating constituents: payment-making customers, payment-accepting merchants, tax-collecting governments, and FLEETCOR.

Our Strategy

FLEETCOR is a growth company, and we employ a simple three-prong strategy for growing our business:

  • More Customers. We invest more than $200 million per year in sales and marketing, predominately focused on new customer acquisition. We continue to scale existing sales channels and headcount, enable our sales people with demand generation and other tools, and launch new distribution channels both internally and through partners such as ERP software providers, telematics companies, and banks. We will also grow our customer base inorganically through acquisitions.
  • More Spend. We seek to leverage our existing customer relationships and capture greater share of their business payment expenditures. As such, we have developed various “beyond” initiatives, where we extend the utility of an existing payment product without degrading the core value proposition of the original product. As such, a customer can “buy more stuff” without sacrificing the controls and reporting which attracted the customer to our product to begin with. For example:
    • Our Fuel card customers can enable their cards to allow non-fuel purchases relevant to their business, like allowing a painting crew to buy supplies at a home improvement store, so they can finish the paint job.
    • Our Toll tag customers can use their in-vehicle RFID tags to make other “on the go” purchases like parking, fuel and fast-food.
For our customers, these product extensions reduce payment friction, saving them time and operational headaches. For FLEETCOR, these product extensions can increase our share of wallet with existing customers and can increase our products’ appeal and applicability to previously-unserved customer segments (e.g., non-toll urban dwellers). We also create new product offerings, developed internally or in conjunction with partners, to cross-sell to our existing customer base.
  • More Geographies. We continue to seek attractive entry opportunities in major international markets, which we intend to pursue through acquisitions and partnerships.
Our Commitment to Diversity, Equality, Inclusion, Belonging

Together we can foster true belonging. We know different ideas, perspectives and backgrounds lead to better innovation and results. We are therefore committed to building and nurturing a culture of diversity, inclusion, and belonging by:

  • Welcoming people of different backgrounds, cultures, ethnicities, genders, and sexual orientations;
  • Empowering our people to share their experiences and ideas through open forums and individual conversations; and
  • Valuing each person’s unique perspectives and individual contributions.

Embracing diversity enables our people to “make the difference” at FLEETCOR.

Our Values

FLEETCOR’s culture reflects our history of fast growth and our continued drive for results. Our entrepreneurial spirit remains strong across our global workforce, and we reinforce these principles in our five core values:

  • Innovation: Figure out a better way
  • Execution: Get it done quickly
  • Integrity: Do the right thing
  • People: We make the difference
  • Collaboration: Accomplish more together

These values guide all of our employees and are infused in all aspects of our Company.  We are, as a team, united through these shared values and our mission to provide “a better way to pay.”

Our values foster an inclusive culture through the expectation that all employees will treat each other with respect and appreciate the diversity of identities, thoughts, backgrounds and styles. Our commitment to fostering an inclusive culture has never been more essential than in this moment of national reflection. We must always celebrate the diversity of our company and our communities.

We strongly believe that the quality and diversity of our workforce provide FLEETCOR with a competitive advantage, and that our problem-solving and solution-building efforts are greatly enhanced when we harness the collective thinking of a diverse group of people with unique experiences and perspectives.

FLEETCOR’s COVID-19 Hiring Guidelines:

Due to COVID-19, most of our employees are temporarily working from home. In addition, FLEETCOR implemented a virtual interviewing and hiring process, engaging with talent by phone or video and onboarding new employees remotely. We value the safety of each member of our community because we know we’re all in this together.

Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer:

FLEETCOR is an Equal Opportunity Employer. FLEETCOR provides equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants without regard to race, color, gender (including pregnancy), religion, national origin, ancestry, disability, age, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, marital status, language, ancestry, genetic information, veteran and/or military status or any other group status protected by federal or local law. If you require reasonable accommodation for the application and/or interview process, please notify a representative of the Human Resources Department.

For more information about our commitment to equal employment opportunity and pay transparency, please click the following links: EEO and Pay Transparency.

Other details

  • Job Family Account Management
  • Pay Type Hourly
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  • 3325 Perimeter Hill Dr, Nashville, TN 37211, USA
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