Program Development

Lackland AFB, San Antonio, TX, USA ● San Antonio, TX, USA Req #4305
Friday, July 29, 2022
STS Systems Support (SSS) is seeking an individual for Program Development at Lackland AFB, TX to provide the following:  
  • Assist the AFSFC/S3T, Training Support Division, with program development management support to include assisting government personnel with conducting, documenting, and coordinating review of a comparative analysis in support of Strategic Basing efforts and potential courses of action. Once complete, efforts will focus on development and execution of a plan of actions and milestones to support decision of Strategic Basing efforts or courses of actions outlined in previous work. Responsibilities include: 
  • Assist government personnel in consulting and coordinating actions with the Air Force Installation and Mission Support Center’s Financial Management Office, and when applicable, the Major Command Functional Office to conduct a comparative analysis on Security Forces law enforcement training 
  • Assist government personnel in producing a Comparative Analysis IAW the process and format required in AFMAN 65-506 (Economic Analysis) and AFI 65-501, (Economic Analysis) and receiving a Certificate of Satisfactory Comparative Analysis for the work product. 
  • Achieve a review of the preparation process, problem definition, alternatives identification, scope analysis, needed data, and evaluation of the reasonableness of estimated costs and benefits. 
  • Maintain a library/file of support materials and furnished reports as part of the master HQ AFSFC library/file system located on SMARTNet. 
  • Develop and deliver executive briefings regarding Strategic Basing Executive Steering Group (SB-ESG) and the Basing Request Review Panel (BRRP) processes and results to senior staff at HQ AFSFC, AF MAJCOMs, and the Pentagon as required within the scope of the Program Development Manager’s defined alternatives and courses of actions for review and approval by government personnel. 
  • Co-facilitate, provide administrative support, attend meetings and conferences, and review documents. 
  • Provide input to government personnel for fiscal planning; assist in the development of the budget plan and Program Objective Memorandum (POM) to identify funding constraints needed to meet required Program Development conclusions to include law enforcement growth, relocation, manpower/equipment, and training needs. 
  • Analyze student throughput rate, to include requirements, weapons, equipment, transportation usage, staff utilization, and other manpower factors to successfully maintain, train, and sustain a force of 7,500+ POST-certified law enforcement officers with the ability to support a force surge for an additional 1,000+ personnel and provide report to government personnel for approval. 
  • Draft, submit, and obtain approval from government personnel for Memorandums of Understanding (MOU), Memorandums of Agreement (MOA), and/or Interservice and Intragovernmental Support Agreements (ISSA), which enable law enforcement training center consolidations. Provide required supporting actions IAW AFI 10-503, Strategic Basing, to HQ AFSFC, AF/A4S, and other agencies regarding implementation and execution of support agreements. 
  • Assist in drafting, as required, Program Planning Budgeting Execution (PPBE) documentation and recommend courses of action, criteria, and timelines for program manager approval. 
  • Interact extensively with HAF/A8PB (Directorate of Programs - Strategic Basing), the Basing Request Review Panel (BRRP), and the Strategic Basing Executive Steering Group (SB-ESG), if required. 
  • Perform records custodian duties for assigned program documents and records. 
  • Have extensive SF functional experience and judgment to plan, accomplish the strategic thinking required of this project, collect data, evaluate data collection’s source effectiveness, the validity of the data collected, and perform a thorough and effective evaluation of the alternatives and conclusions derived from the Program Development Manager. 
  • Possess at least 20 years of management and operational experience in a DoD or USAF Security Forces force protection discipline; however, the experience must be within the last five years immediately leading up to this requirement. 
  • Have extensive familiarity with Department of Defense (DoD), the Headquarters Air Staff and Air Force Major Commands structure and function, and USAF Security Forces expeditionary and combat skills operations, pre-deployment, force protection training requirements, law enforcement operations, as well as peace and contingency base operations and mobility/LOGDET management. 
  • Possess Bachelor’s degree in an education, training or related law enforcement or force protection discipline is highly encouraged. 
  • Have minimum ten years experience with SF education, Law Enforcement training, and TTPs and advanced working knowledge of SF Force Protection missions, functions, and structure. 
  • Have minimum ten years experience in the USAF planning, programming, budgeting, and execution (PPBE) process in support of Security Forces operations and training. 
  • Have minimum ten years experience interacting with Strategic Basing – Executive Steering Group (SB-ESG) and the Basing Request Review Panel (BRRP) and other activities within HQ AF/A8PB. 
  • Have minimum ten years experience as they relate to SF law enforcement, career field consolidations, and/or training center consolidations, and LOGDET realignment and/or reallocation of assets. 
  • Have minimum ten years experience with AF documentation development to include policy, technical documents, Concept of Operations (CONOPS), Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)/Interservice and Intragovernmental Support Agreements (ISSA). 

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  • Pay Type Hourly
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  • Lackland AFB, San Antonio, TX, USA
  • San Antonio, TX, USA